• Placement, age and quality of the product, and product deficiencies are the main reasons that concrete slatted hog floors have failed and collapsed.


  • Obvious wear on top of slats shows a possible need for replacement or a simple resurfacing with a cement product we carry. Other obvious poor conditions would be sagging slats or areas which need immediate attention.


  • Sagging slats are usually caused by rusted rebar, missing concrete, poor quality or green slats; all are signs of slat failure. Sagging areas are a sign of possible beam failure and/or post-failure.


  • Looking for cracks in both beams, slats and deterioration underneath from rusted rebar down through slat openings is easily checked by using a flashlight after power washing.


  • For better inspection use a mirror to see bottoms of beams and slats. Concentrate on where beams sit on posts for first signs of cracks due to heavy load-bearing area. If a minor crack is found spray paint floor for as a reminder of a possible problem area.


  • In our experience, a 20-30-year-old building is more likely to have problems, but we have seen issues in buildings much earlier.


  • In our project video, you can see repairs from beginning to end. We are available to do onsite lectures on how to inspect and what to look for in your barn for employee safety, training and to prevent problems before they happen.