Means your work is done at washing the barn!


  • Inspect Slats & Beams to assess condition

  • Figure a course of action

  • Review plan of action


  • Order Materials from chosen slat company & get delivered

  • Coordinate delivery and unloading of materials


  • Get Barn Washed, and ready for replacement

  • Follow through with the plan of action

  • Remove debris if wanted

  • Ready to Reload with pigs


  Typical Full Barn Remodel Process  

Our process for slat and beam replacement allows the owner the ability to know the job is getting done right without having to deal with the logistics. We are a one-stop-shop that can take care of as much or as little of the project as you want. We move forward with the plan of action determined by the owner. Depending upon barn size, most projects are completed within 5 days. Our patented equipment allows us to safely and efficiently remove and replace all the slats and beams in your barn without doing any damage to the structure.


• It all starts with a phone call. We plan a date that works for both parties (Preferably when the barn is empty and washed).

   Then we meet at the site and inspect the barn together.

• The inspection process involves assessing the condition of the barn. Slats, beams, and columns are all looked at along

   with bearing surfaces.

• We will give you our honest opinion of the barn. If it is safe and structurally sound, we won't try to tell you otherwise.


• If the owner decides he wants to move forward with a project, we will discuss the options. There are some things that we

   always handle as part of the job and others that we do as additional options/services.

• We will give the owner an estimate. The estimate will include the entire cost of labor, materials, and trucking. We will

   gladly work with any slat manufacturer if you have a preference. If you don't, we will not hesitate to give you some


What We Always Do:

  • Treat the site as if it were ours.


  • Coordinate transportation and offloading of materials. The owner will not have to worry about getting slats to his/her barn or risk damaging the materials during the offloading and stacking process.


  • Gain access to the building. We find the optimal spot to enter the building, utilizing existing entry points when justifiable.

  • Make sure slats are set safely, efficiently, and without damage.


  • Make sure all surfaces are bearing properly.

  • Straighten, and shim slats

  • Grout barn.

  • Leave the site in better shape than when we arrived.


What We Can Do:

  • Remove old material from the site


  • Haul debris from the site


  • Remove gating


  • Reinstall old gating


  • Install new gating

• Once the estimate is agreed upon, we set the date. We work with the producer's pig flows. When you are empty we will    

   be there. Our ability to work in a timely manner is a point of pride for us. We have the people, experience, and equipment

   to handle whatever challenges might arise, assuring the owner minimal downtime.


• We stay in contact with the owner and "zero in on a start date". When you are ready we will be there.

• We wash and disinfect all our trucks and equipment before coming to a job site.

• We will complete all tasks agreed upon by the owner and ourselves.

• We walk through the barn with the owner to assure we have met or exceeded all expectations.

"Our ability to work in a timely manner is a point of pride for us. We have the people, experience, and equipment to handle whatever challenges might arise, assuring the owner minimal downtime."