We have 25 years of experience and thousands of hog & cattle barns completed to date.  

Contact us for all your hog or cattle barn needs whether that is a total slat & beam replacement or a barn reconfiguration.


At Altenburg Construction Inc. our inspections go beyond just checking over the condition of the slats, a concern that far too often gets overlooked.


Slats may look perfect and be structurally sound from the top, BUT the bottom could be bad and they can fail which can cause a catastrophe to the livestock and/or people in them!


Same with the beams and posts below, the slats can look good, but if the beams are bad it can be catastrophic, extremely dangerous!


We bring awareness to the farmer/worker in the barn and show them what to look for in a situation. It puts us in direct contact with the person.


At Altenburg Construction Inc. we offer free estimates.


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"When we walk away, from a company standpoint, we want to have the peace of mind that we

fixed it and it’s not going to be a problem. We get told ‘it’s nice to see you,

but I hope to hell we never have to see you again.’ And that’s the way we want it to be."